Sample Message

Prioritize Public Education

Copy and paste this message into an email or printed message you can customize and send to your legislators:

Throughout the 87th Legislature, please remember all the difficulty that Texas students have endured over the past year and the many ways teachers and principals have gone above and beyond to keep meeting students’ needs. Given the challenges that this pandemic has posed for education, I urge you to please continue making strong, sustainable investments in our public schools.

I appreciate the strong support the Legislature showed for our schools with the passage of House Bill 3. While the state is facing a shortage of resources, it is critical to prioritize education and maintain the investments that House Bill 3 made. Continued state investments in our schools will help educate students while reducing pressure on local property taxes and recapture. We do not want recapture to start increasing again.

Thank you for your service to our community and the state of Texas. Please do the right thing for our future and continue to make strong state investments in public school students.

Or if you prefer to place a phone call, we suggest the following main points with any other message you want to share:
• Hello, my name is ____________, and I am a constituent.
• I appreciate the support for public education shown by legislators in 2019.
• Schools have faced many challenges  and worked hard to serve students during these trying times.
• Please ensure the necessary investments in schools continue and make Texas students a priority in this legislative session, and prevent any increases in recapture.
• Thank you for your service to our state and community, and also for your time today. 

Remember, you can find the contact information (email, mailing address, and phone number) for your legislator at: 
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